Netflix Shows


Now that I live in my own apartment, I tend to have the TV on a lot. I think I got so accustomed to the noise of the dorms that ever since, I’ve liked to have a show on- for background noise (let alone the entertainment). Our TV is in a shared space which consists of my kitchen and living room, so whether I’m cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or working on a craft/blog/computer, I can see and hear the TV (whether or not this is a good thing is a completely different topic).

Here are some shows on Netflix I’ve been into:

  • Glee- the perfect show for unwinding at the end of the day (think: mindless plot with good music). Elizabeth and i watched this series together.
  • Switched At Birth- the show Elizabeth and I are currently watching. We often say this show could actually be called “Angelo Sorrento Blows It Again” but we both enjoy this somewhat low-key family drama.
  • Private Practice- even though I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy I stumbled upon its spin-off and looooved it. I cannot say I’m thrilled with how the show ended but I really did enjoy all the seasons (minus the surgery parts, which in retrospect was probably a good 10% of the show. Whatever).
  • Hart of Dixie- my favorite. My pal Allison introduced me to this series and I totally loved it. I cannot wait for season 4 on the CW!
  • The Carrie Diaries-my friend Victoria recommended this one to me and I love this one as well! Technically this is a prequel to Sex And The City, and two seasons were aired before the show cancelled. Only the first season is on Netflix, so I can only hope season two will show up some day!
  • Beautiful People- has anyone else heard of this show? I must have a thing for unknown shows because I thought this one had serious potential. Daphne Zuniga (Brooke’s mom from One Tree Hill) had a great role in this show about a mom and her two daughters starting over in NYC. I liked the show but it’s obvious the series had an abrupt ending. And it’s a royal shame.
  • New Girl-I actually watched this show on live TV but I put it on in my apartment at times because it’s one of those feel-good-pick-it-up-wherever shows that I enjoy. Plus, Zooey Deschanel (need I say more?).
  • Melissa & Joey-everyone needs to watch this show because it’s hilarious, adorable, and just plain great. These half-hour shows are only like 18 minutes on Netflix and I go through them like laundry sheets (the gym has me doing a lot of laundry these days OK?!). Watch this show; it rocks. I’m almost done with all three seasons and I feel like I just started!
  • The Blacklist- my co-workers love this show so they’re encouraging me to catch up on the show before season two comes out. I’ve never really watched action-shows but I’ve always been a fan of action-movies. I’m trying to FOCUS whiel watching these shows because I know they’re very detailed and require more of my attention than what I typically give to Netflix.

Word on the street is that Gilmore Girls is being added to Netflix next month. I hope the rumor is true because I’ve only watched the first few seasons of that adorable show!

Now you know my Netflix history. Do you have a lot of Netflixing to do to catch up with me, or do you have me beat?

PS: yes, Netflixing is a word (according to the ever-true Urban Dictionary, at least).


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