Coffee Helps My Sanity

Health, Life

Coffee is that one thing I’ve been able to still have despire the fact I have a strict diet that I’m pretty closely sticking to. Here’s some perks (coffee puns are always intended) :

  1. When meeting up with people, food/drinks are almost always involved. Coffee is something I can have just like everybody else đŸ™‚
  2. Caffeine comes in clutch, especially since I get up early for work.
  3. I don’t have to have the same kind of coffee every day! My friend Lisa gave me smore-flavored infused coffee beans that I can grind up for a fresh taste. I also bought myself pumpkin flavored coffee which gives my morning brew another totally different flavor. I’ve also ground coconut, cocoa, and cinnamon in with my beans for variety.
  4. Afternoon coffee is the bomb- I mean who doesn’t need an afternoon pick-me-up?! I’ve even researched that pre-workout coffee is not a bad idea (it works well for me!)
  5. I can still go to Starbucks… and Colectivo… and I can try other new places (during my diet I’ve already checked out a few new places!)


I raise my mug to coffee (which boosts your metabolism, by the way). Cheers!


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