Although I was never a regular at the whole bar scene thing (college people, Moes doesn’t count!), before July I would be more likely to post about beverage establishments than protein bars. But my current diet has no room for alcohol, so this post is all about protein and granola bars!

I am fascinated by my own fascination with granola bars and protein bars. I find myself standing in grocery stores (and, like, Target) checking out the nutrition labels on so many options.

The marketing of granola/protein bars interests me as they all are presented as healthy when there are some factors that we should really be examining before assuming that any given bar is good for you. Personally, I look at sugar, calories, gluten, and protein.

If anyone is still reading, you must be dying to know my findings 🙂

Without futher ado (what does that phrase really even mean?) Here are my go-to bars:

  • KIND Bars- I soooo recommend these! They’re very tasty and many include chocolate 🙂
    5 grams of sugar, 200 calories, gluten free, 7 grams of protein
  • Mariani- these are very tasty and sold at Wal Mart. Be careful because some of the flavors have way too much sugar! I recommend the Sweet & Salty bar:
    9 grams of sugar, 200 calories, gluten free, 7 grams of protein
  • LARA- I love basically all the LARA bars but these days will only eat the UBER ones because they contain more protein. Roasted Nut Roll:
    7 grams of sugar, 220 calories, gluten free, 5 grams of protein
  • Think Thin- these are delicious, protein-packed, but also expensive. They have several varieties and flavors. I’ve had several types; the High Protein ones contain:
    2 grams of sugar, 240 calories, gluten free, 20 grams of protein
  • Raw Revolution- these are on the top of my limits for sugar and calories but the one I had was very good, which was Chocolate Coconut Bliss:
    12 grams of sugar, 240 calories, gluten free, 7 grams of protein

Other brands I’ve looked into:

  • LUNA: These are sooooo good but they have, like 20 grams of sugar. Boo!
  • Nature Valley Gluten Free Almond Crunch: so obv these are gluten free… the flaw here is these TASTE gluten-free… they have a strange crunch to them. And that’s coming from a girl who has been GF for 3+ years…
  • CLIF: My biggest issue is that they contain gluten; be sure to check the sugar content if you’re not GF as this brand might not be too bad!

Can I just raise my…bar…and say cheers?


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