She Joined A Gym (What?)


Happy Friday, y’all! I’m checking out a Starbucks I’ve never been in before, and lemme-tell-ya  I am so pleasantly surprised! I’ve been past this Starbs before but I never realized how huge the inside was! I’m all about ordering the blonde roast coffee and it is pairing quite nicely with a protein bar. You heard me- #proteinbar. Who am I? Buuutforreal some things have been changing in my little Sideshow. I think I’m ready for the the people in my #bloglyfe to know all about what I’ve been up to. I joined a gym almost exactly two months ago and it has changed my life style! Notice I said joining the gym has changed my life STYLE – much less dramatic than claiming the gym has changed my life. Not that I’m concerned about the level of drama I convey . . .

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 5.17.57 PM

More posts are gonna come about my health journey and gym experiences. Stay tuned!

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