Saturday Playlist: Joel Piper


I’m beginning to believe I’m Joel Piper’s #1 fan. He’s not exactly well-known but I fell in love with his song “The Only One” a few years ago so I listen to his music from time to time with the sweet memory of my junior year of college in mind.

I’m going to plug Grooveshark (unfortunately I, like Joel Piper, am not exactly well-known as a blogger, so I don’t get paid to do promos, but whatever).

I listen to music allll the time; I have a Pandora account and Spotify and Grooveshark. Why does Grooveshark stand above the rest? Because Grooveshark does not talk to me! The talking ads that harsh my jams cramp my style (you heard me, Pandora and Spotify).

Back to Joel Piper. Listen to Goldmine. And then, if you like it, check out his songs “The Only One” and “Gimme That Love Song” (the latter song will literally turn your mood around if you’re having a really bad day).

Ah! Now Grooveshark is playing me Frozen soundtrack. This is happy music, people!

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