[The First Two Hours Of] CMAs 2014: My Perspective


I was running around outside, flipping my grilled tilapia (for real, I have a LOT to catch up on, for the blog!) and running back into my apartment to find I JUST missed the beginning of the CMAs- looks like Miranda Lambert sang “Something Bad” with Carrie Underwood. All I know is they were looking good (no surprise there).

Little Big Town is hosting; I just found out about this on the radio today! In case you don’t know me well, let me just say that I LOVE LBT. I realize they’re not the most known band, but you can bet I was singing word-for-word with the band when I saw them live several years back at my local county fair. What a sweet memory. So props to the CMAs for picking this quartet to host.

Florida Georgia Line is in the HOUSE and what a great way to create a summer vibe.

Jimi from LBT busts out a chainsaw to introduce The Band Perry and their current hit. This is country music, and I love it. I do think TBP could really use some variety in their music. All three Perry siblings are looking quite winded! I do like Kimberly’s simple outfit, though, and despite the fact I’m a huge fan of her big curly hair, this style isn’t bad either. Unofficially, I’m gonna say the Perrys collectively burned 500 calories in that four minute performance (train of thought: that must have been some kind of circuit training).

We’ve got Brantley Gilbert and Thomas Rhett on the stage, with Justin Moore (I think) as well. They’re singing Small Town Throw Down and I have to say I’m a fan of this modern country boy look- who needs the cowboy hat and boots when you’ve got a ball cap and beers!?

Blake Shelton is singing “My Eyes” with Gwen Sebastian.  After a quick Wikipedia scan I’m not embarrassed to admit I haven’t heard of Gwen outside of her duet with Blake. Blog confession right there.

The ladies of Little Big Town are chatting with Tim McGraw- three good looking people right there.

Rascal Flatts is taking the stage, for the millionth time. I’m over the Flatts AND the song Happy. I’m always honest in my reviews and I’m going to admit that the HAPPY song makes me kind of MAD. A paradox of the world, I guess. Ehh. Water break!

Extend that water break- they are singing a second song. Wowza.

Little Big Town has a ton of people on stage with them jammin to Day Drinkin. What a catchy song. I’m not sure what the thought process was behind having all those drummers, but I mean it’s whatever. I should give them respect for a “unique but not terribly weird” creative gesture. We’ll go with that.

Mr. Hunter Hayes. Insert the emoji with a smile face and hearts replacing the eyes (he is DEFINITELY in my age range, BTW…#blessed). I love the song Tattoo so I’m pretty pumped about this.

Usually I wouldn’t write about thirty second asides, but this one simply pointed out how good-looking Luke Bryan is; talk about a thirty second aside not wasted.

Jason Aldean sang, followed by an “off campus” (if we can call it that) performance of “Beachin” by Jake Owen. Two solid performances in a row, though nothing out of the ordinary when I’m being critical.

Tim and Faith are killin it with “Mealwhile Back At Mama’s” The McGraw-Hill combo look good in their blue jeans, and they sound lovely. What a classy ending with a sweet hug between the couple.

Luke Bryan is singing “Play It Again.” YAYYYYYY! BEST DAY EVERRRRRRR I AM SO EXCITED I LOVE THAT SONG! I’m glad he chose this one.

I’m all about the song “Hey Bartender,” and I think Lady A gave a stellar performance.

Eric Church is singing “Cold One” in his usual effortless, chill stage presence. The only complaint I have is the fact that I can see his band mate’s belly. I don’t recall signing up for that…

Florida Georgia Line is back, singing “This Is How We Roll.” Looks like everybody’s doing repeat performances; Branley Gilbert is singing “Bottom’s Up.”

Cole Swindell is in Nashville but we still get a recording of “Chillin It.” I’m a fan.

The Zac Brown Band never ceases to impress, though this particular performance is not your expected ZBB performance; it’s fairly slow-paced and there’s a lot of lighting going on during this presentation of “All Alright.” Richie Sambora joins Zac Brown on the stage, dressed in a fancy hat and sparkly jacket. Together they sing “Wanted Dead Or Alive;” I’m surprised to say I’m liking this!

I have been blogging for the past two hours so I’m going to throw in the lasso towel on this play-by-play. I love the CMAs and I hope y’all enjoyed re-living them through this post!

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