This One’s About Hannah & Trevor


I am so happy that Hannah and Trevor are married, and that I got witness and celebrate their wedding!

I became good friends with Hannah a few years ago when we were neighbors in college. Hannah wears the cutest outfits, and she’s consistently kind and wise.

Hannah graduated one semester before me; I loved visits with her last fall and winter. I got to see her rocking out post-college life (and therefore giving me some hope for my own future!).

Trevor and I had a few classes together, but really our friendship came through good chats (pre-outcry and in Hannah’s room and while drinking some Honest Kids lemonade and, my favorite, Trev’s 22nd birthday celebration).

Together, Hannah and Trevor are great. I think they make a wonderful team. They compliment each other nicely. They glorify the Lord by the way they interact with each other, and with others. They are hospitable and open and available to talk. They’re real and fun (and they make a VERY cute couple).

Hannah and Trevor’s wedding was special because we got to spend so much time with the couple at the reception. I feel like that’s kind of rare but I loved chatting and dancing and taking pictures with the very happy couple.

Cheers to many happy years, good friends!


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