Two weekends ago, I took a road trip with my friend and former roommate Allison. We went to a magnificent Michigan wedding to celebrate two dear friends get married.

#ASMT14 = Allison+Sarah Michigan Trip 2014

-or- Allison+ Sarah Mitten Trek 2014

It’s interchangeable; brilliant, right?!

Allison and I spent Friday night with our friend Lette. She is hospitable and we had solid conversation and time together. Allison and I stayed up WAY past our bedtimes and it was so worth it. (You know it’s a special occasion when Allison and I stay up late.)

On Saturday, we had breakfast with Lette and Megan. Ever since Megan transferred colleges after our sophomore year, every single visit with Megan has been extra-special. Party foul of the trip: I accidentally deleted the one and only picture the four of us took together at breakfast. Boo!

Bonus points: Allison and I befriended someone named Coach Ryan who gave us a mini-photoshoot in our hotel parking lot.

Coach Ryan’s Photos > Self Timed Photos

One of my favorite things about Allison is, (1) she’s so NICE and also (2) we love so many of the same things. We both wanted to stop for ice cream on Friday (#culvers). We both enjoyed jammin to country songs (#AndJoelPiper #AndPitchPerfect). We always have plenty to talk about (#TheSuiteLife). And, we have a myriad of memories to reminisce about (#junioryear). As a bonus, Allison does NOT hate on my teeny-bopper-esque ways, like fangirling about Zac Efron and/or hashtagging 24/7. What a gal.

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