I find it hard to describe Lisa because she has so much to offer to this world! One thing’s for sure, as of yesterday Lisa is 22. For lack of a better framework, here are a few things that make Lisa, well…Lisa:

Loving – Lisa has a wonderful heart. She will serve anyone and everyone, and she treats everybody with ultimate respect.

Inspirational – She does a lot. From running, and  staying faithful with her walk with Christ, to pursuing a career in nursing to playing significant roles in the lives to many people; everything Lisa does, she does well.

Selfless – I think this is the quality that really makes Lisa special. Lisa has such a servant’s heart and she would do anything for me. I know this is true because of all the support and the high level of care Lisa has offered to me. Lisa truly listens.

Achiever – Lisa has a good head on her shoulders. She puts in hard work and trusts in the Lord for the rest. She doesn’t limit herself; she just keeps trusting and living in faith.

I so admire this friend, and I’m so thankful to celebrate with her, even only in spirit.

Happy birthday  Lisa! I raise my coffee glass to you… cheers!



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