If I had to describe this weekend in just one word, I’d choose “walking.” Kara and Katie slept over at my apartment last night. We walked to a nearby establishment and at least two (if not all three of us) had blisters before Sunday morning.

Enter: Sunday. The plan was to go out to lunch after church. Here’s the thing. We were full after lunch but still wanted something to do. I suggested we walk to Colectivo coffee, and after looking up the distance we realized it was about one mile away. Motivated Katie said we could totally walk there, and we all decided the small stroll would be a good idea.

Picture three blondes, wearing our Sunday dresses, (and high heels in my case) walking to a coffee shop underneath the hot sun. It was all fun and games until I realized a wrong turn. Half of our walk was in the wrong direction.

Luckily for me, I brought a spare pair of flip flops. Poor Katie resorted to bare feet for the second half of our extended walk.

Finally, we made it to Colectivo, had some refreshing drinks, and got back to my car all before it started to rain.

The result: three girls, laughing and limping with our newly formed blisters and memories. I’m so glad to have friends who can view this as a funny situation with me.


“I’ve never felt so old and so young and so old in the same weekend.” -Katie


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