The Seven Semesters: #7


Going back for my final semester was difficult in that I knew it was going to be for such a short period of time. I accomplished a lot in my final four months of college!

I mentored a wonderful group of transfer students. My group was great but they honestly didn’t need much of a mentor! Regardless I loved being partnered with my friend Hannah, and I enjoyed making some new friends for my final semester.

I planned my second and final homecoming! I actually came back a few days before FYF mentor training in order to get a head start on homecoming planning. Technically I assisted planning the event, but I really enjoyed the freedom and responsibilities trusted to me with this big occasion.



We had some really fun times together, including Country Music Awards night, Friday traditions, and getting our hair done together!

I moved into an apartment with Victoria and Heather. I grew to absolutely love this home we shared.


From #phil102c to Dunkin Donuts runs to other good times (like the Rend Collective concert!), I’m so thankful for all the times I had with these two.

I took a mini trip to Valparaiso with friends to see Trolls run, and to meet with my friend Megan.


I couldn’t have asked for a better group! These guys are hard working classmates but also good friends.

I led a senior capstone team to raise awareness for Ruminate Magazine. I feel as if I hit the jackpot, as I loved the organization as well as my group.

Condensing this rich, full semester into a few paragraphs and pictures is a difficult task. Though these represent just a few highlights, I loved so many more memories from this seventh and final semester.

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