The Seven Semesters: #6


Second semester of junior year was as great as the first! My floor was still wonderful…plus my bud Hannah returned from Chicago semester! I had an extra group of friends with my new close buds of “Italy Kids.” I truly enjoyed my major.


What even happened? I went from the “shy and unsure business major girl” to “I’m a sassy businesswoman and I’m proud of it” during junior year. Oh, and I enjoyed the outfits I got to wear, making sure NOT to look like a man.

I got to co-lead a semester long group with my good friend Andy. I also had the time of my life celebrating his birthday. While I’m thinking about it, maybe I lived up Andy’s birthday because my 21st was the epic fail of a lifetime: I had an awful case of the 24-hour stomach flu on my 21st birthday. Imagine the skepticism associated with that one! But don’t even worry because my great friend Victoria threw a birthday party for me once I got better. I found my place in our college’s dive bar on some good Thursday nights.

Unbelievable side note about my birthday: my birthday took place on a Wednesday. I had Wednesday night class that semester with a dozen students; the twelve of us, along with our professor, all volunteered to bring a variety of junk food to have an in-class party. You better believe that I did not attend my own party. My prof even had a gluten-free pizza ordered specifically for me…and yeah I didn’t show up. Andy came over after class to bring me notes and I will never forget what he said to me (“wow, you really ARE sick”). Haha!

I got to become good friends with a super couple this year: Hannah and Trevor. Can I just say these two are fun, classy, wise, level-headed, sweet, thoughtful, and just overall wonderful? I learned so much from Hannah and Trev, and I had some real fun memories with the two of them. They also offered me some great advice that I will forever appreciate.


I love these fun, sweet, classy, nice friends. I enjoyed some special memories with this little group! I loved the upstairs apartment where these girls lived; I came to that room in tears and in laughter. They always took me in regardless of my emotional state!

I don’t know where this should technically go so it’s going right here: SHOUT OUT TO THE TRIN MAIL CENTER. Specifically to Penny, Thomas, Justin, Brad, Corey, Becca, Marcus, and Jimmy. I can’t even keep up with who’s working there now but I think those are most of the main mail center workers I got to spend time with. I went to the mail center allllll the time with a ton of stuff to send out to alums. I loved “field trips” to the mail center, both for work and for the times I had to pick up my online purchases 🙂 The mail center was one of my favorite places to visit because I got to become friends with all the workers. So this shout out’s to them, even though almost none of them work there anymore. I loved the glory days when any combination of you guys were in there.


I love this picture for two reasons. One: I spent so much time with Victoria this semester! When needed, we’d go out for GOOD food and sometimes shopping. We also threw a Valentine’s party and began planning to live together as seniors. I was blessed so richly by Victoria my junior year.
Second: This picture is from Mr. Troll! I got to host our mens’ pageant with my friend Kyle. I had an absolute blast being on stage making jokes in front of a whole bunch of Trolls.

Oh! I can’t forget this! I also got to work with Dr. Kuecker, a former and favorite professor, to be one of his two Undergrad Learning Assistants. I didn’t realize how much work this role entitled, but I also got a whole lot out of it. I became friends with students I otherwise never would’ve met. Three of my FYF students from this year were in the class, so I got to know them better. I learned more about what it is to be a student and a teacher, and I learned more about the course content itself- regarding the early church and Christian denominations and emphases.

Because my ULA course was three credits, I ended up taking 21 credits this semester; despite the overload I wouldn’t have it any other way. Can you gather that this semester was as full as it was good?


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