The Seven Semesters: #3


Sophomore year began with a great start. I moved into my on-campus apartment, met my fabulous RD and began training to mentor the new freshmen. I adored my co-mentors and hit the jackpot with a stellar FYF group.


I had the pleasure of befriending Cassie right away when she transferred in. I’m glad to say we have been friends from right off the bat! This picture comes from a field trip; Danielle and I were in music class together, and Cassie was in the other section. The three of us bonded over this trip!


I lived with a soccer player and a volleyball player, a nursing major and a music major. Needless to say, there was a lot of coming and going to and from our room!


Abby and I planned a surprise going away party for Victoria to send her off before her Ecuador semester. I loved this special night out with the girls.

Though sophomore year was not my favorite, the fall semester wasn’t so bad. I loved my World Poverty economics course, and I got through chemistry class (thanks to Kirsten for helping me out with that one). I became Ambassador for the Light and Leadership Initiative and, on a very different note, I continued my gluten-free diet for the first time as a college student!


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