The Seven Semesters: #2


What do you call a freshman without a lanyard or any major-specific courses? A second-semester freshman.

The scariest thing going into that second semester was doing college without my sister (a Peru post will surely be coming in the future!). My classes were gen-eds and basic business prerequisites. I became friends with Allison in history class (I think I was a bad influence on her, though I think we both came out with A’s). I found my few but fabulous go-to businesswomen classmates throughout my classes freshman year, too. By the beginning of second semester, when I saw the same handful of women in class, I realized these were the ladies who were sticking around.

Another memorable event that happened this semester, was that the Packers won the Super Bowl!


Two words to describe this semester? Five. Crowns. A group of us played every night. What great memories!


Brittany and Bex often opened up their dorm room to me, Danielle and Kirsten. We did a lot of nail painting and chatting in their upstairs space.

Freshman year, I learned a LOT about life, a little about survival skills (shout-out to my Intro to Management classmates!) and I became more independent. I learned what “The Amazing Race” consists of (and I would not recommend joining a team with athletes if you are, in fact, not a college athlete). My friends and I went line dancing. I visited downtown Chicago, and made music videos, and met more college friends to hang out with.

I signed up for my sophomore year classes and housing, and cried when I had to head home for summer. I didn’t want to leave my new home and all the wonderful people I befriended in those short nine months.


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