The Seven Semesters: #1


I’m allowing myself to be sentimental and take a cruise down memory lane to remember a few highlights from each semester, leading up to this Saturday when I’ll officially graduate college. Freshman year was rich- I met so many people and became close friends with the girls on my floor and my RA. Sleep was scarce; ironically, homework was, too. Like all the freshmen, I took a bunch of gen-ed classes where I learned a little and made a lot of friends. 


Kelly was our fearless RA; Kirsten was my fabulous roommate. Our room was a mess but it was perfect. We loved our neighbors and visited them often.


My main people first semester were in this picture; many of them are still considered good friends today! We all lived in South Hall and bonded over the humid nights.


A favorite memory of mine was our floor’s ugly Christmas sweater party. Kirst and I were the only ones who showed up in ugly Christmas sweaters!


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