“I’ll Sing With Her,” A Zac Efron Appreciation Post


I mentioned a few posts ago that my friends came to visit! Though most of my friends came on Friday and left on Saturday, Allison came on Saturday and left on Sunday.

After several shenanigans on Saturday night, Allison and I wanted to end the night watching a movie. And, you should know, when Allison and I are together, movie choices aren’t all that difficult. We both, of course, wanted to watch a Zac Efron movie. So High School Musical it was!

I’ll be honest here (I mean, I already admitted my love for Zachary David Alexander Efron)… Allison and I fast-forwarded scenes that Troy/Zac wasn’t in (let’s be real right now- Status Quo?! Ain’t nobody got time for that song!).

Check out these overheard during HSM quotes:

“This could’ve been me.” -Allison, referring to the first scene of the movie where Troy meets Gabriella at the NYE party.

“That’s NOT his voice!” -Both of us remembering the fact that Zac’s real voice wasn’t used in HSM1.

“Troy Bolton and Austin Ames basically had the same dad.” -Me, comparing my top two actors with my top two movies. I’ve had a Michael Murrayathon, but Never a Zac Efronathon (yet) (though it sure has an equally nice ring to it).


Gosh, even in 2008 he was adorable.


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