Sam and Julia Did Not Go To Peru… But I Did


Some time has passed since I’ve wrote anything at all about my trip with Light and Leadership to Peru. Although this post is not about that trip, I’d love to sit down with any readers over a cup of coffee to talk about how my life was transformed thanks to that trip.

Today I’m here to talk about what happened a few days before that fabulous, life-changing trip.

The truth is, not much at all happened a few days before that fabulous, life-changing trip.

My very good friend Danielle and I were college freshmen at the time, and we were both a little homesick a lot of the time. We had just spent a few weeks in our Wisconsin homes with our families and then we had to go back to school post-Christmas break. Although we were excited for our Latin American adventure, we were both bitter that we had to arrive at school several days before the trip. For three hours each day leading up to the trip, we’d sit in a classroom and prepare academically for the trip, learning about Peruvian history and culture. The class was good and all, but that left some serious freetime. Here’s the quick math:

24 hours in a day MINUS 3 hours of class MINUS 5 hours of sleep (remember, college freshmen barely sleep) = 16 hours of free time each day for, like 4 days.

I should add that Danielle and I didn’t have cars. I don’t think either of us had jobs at the time, either… and any spare cash we did have was saved for our upcoming trip.

So, you ask, what did you do with all that free time?

Listen to band covers on YouTube. A LOT of band covers.

We discovered Sam DeArmond and Juila Sheer there; dare I say this was life altering. At least, musically-life altering.

Three years later, Sam is still making music- I just noticed he has a video for Say Something. Another all-time favorite by Sam includes A Little More You (uploaded five years ago though, wow) but it looks like he added quite a few songs I haven’t yet checked out (within the last two years, ha).

Now let’s talk about Julia Sheer. She is a hidden gem, people. If you don’t hate Taylor Swift, you will love her Taylor Swift Medley. Again, it seems as if she has added a whole bunch of newer songs within the last, well, three years.


And for real, I would gladly sit down and gush about Peru and LLI any time. Hit me up.



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