The Divergent Exprience


Last night, I embraced my inner teeny-bopper and saw Divergent with one of my favorite sister duos. Lauren and Jill are true gems (side note: by GEMS I do also mean former GEMS-Girls Eating Massive Snacks).

Back to the movie. We went to a small movie theater in a college town. Lauren and I were concerned that the tickets would be sold out (I mean, the movie just came out that day). We sent Jill to per-purchase our tickets, which turned out to be a hilarious endeavor as the theater was approximately 1/3 full by the time the movie started. Always good to be prepped right?

One fascinating thing about the movie was the futuristic Chicago setting. Seeing an altered version of places I recognized was captivating!

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. Amy Newbold, the girl who played Molly, was straight-up hilarious. Not sure if she was even supposed to be that funny of a character but she was so bold and pitiful we just had to laugh.
  2. I really appreciate how Tris is so normal. She has no special talents, and she’s weak and fairly pathetic at first.
  3. I loved the costuming. Tris’s dress from the Abnegation was awful.
  4. In my opinion, Abnegation=Amish.
  5. My new celebrity crush is Theo James, who plays Four. He’s probably everybody’s new celeb crush though, how could he not be?
  6. I like the way the simulations were portrayed. Although Tris’s final simulation was both hilarious and uncomfortable…as it should be, I suppose. #AccaAwkward
  7. I have not yet formed an opinion on the music selection. I suppose that means it was intriguing.
  8. Maggie Q rocked her role as Tori. I loved this character’s overall appearance, too.
  9. FOUR DOES NOT FIGURE OUT THE SERUM THING. Mrs. Prior does, and she has Tris tell Caleb. Get it right people.
  10. Jai Courtney, who plays Eric, was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing about him/his role.
  11. Side note about Caleb: he is played by Ansel Elgort, who will also be in The Fault In Our Stars. Good year for him!
  12. I’m no nurse so I had to wince every time needles were involved. Also the choosing ceremony made me wince a little bit. #wimp
  13. I shamelessly adored the part where all the Dauntless kids jumped out of the train for the first time. The scene was sooo teen-esque and I was enthralled.

I want to watch the movie again and record the many more things I’d originally thought during the movie. Also, now’s the time to finish reading the squeal, Allegiant.

What were your thoughts on this new movie, in comparison to the book or otherwise?


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