Late to Class, Latte to Class


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been late to class a few times in my day due to a quick stop for coffee beforehand.

However. No latte has made me late for work-at least, not yet. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty coffee shops on my way to work; it’s just that they’re straight up inconvenient to get into. We’re talking left-side-of-the-street and no matter how appealing a Starbucks latte may sound at nighttime, I’m not in the mood to leave ten minutes early before work the next day.

Enter Mixology. Talk about a smooth segue (sense the sarcasm, people). Anyways, so far I’m not hooked on Mixology by any means (talk about a slowwwwww movingggggg plot), but the show does inspire me to make all kinds of drinks. Tonight, I saw my love for lattes and home made beverages collide (see where this is going?).

Here’s what I did:

Mix one generous shot of Kahlua with about 1/2 mug of coffee. Meanwhile, simmer milk* on a stove for a few minutes. Once the milk is hot, tilt the pot and whisk. As air pockets are created due to whisking the milk, frothing happens. It’s a beautiful thing.

Pour the frothy milk into your mug. Boom. Kahula latte.

Sip and enjoy! Cheers.

ImagePS: Small rant: milk will froth best if it has a higher fat content (think: 2%, whole milk, cream, etc). I made this latte for my sister using some 1% milk and some cream. If I made it for myself I would’ve used coconut milk (I’m crazy about coconut these days) but it would’ve been much thinner and less frothy.


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