Autobiography/Self-Interview/Personal Check In, February 2014


What’s the difference between an autobiography and a self-interview? Is there even such thing as a self-interview or did I just make up that term?

Listening To: Good stuff! New tunes from Noise Trade (including Ben Rector, Jenny & Tyler, fun. and Tyler Hilton); A new playlist as relayed from my friend Megan (and she has THE BEST taste in music! She’s got me listening to CHVRCHES, The National and Iron&Wine). Oh, and of course I’m also jammin to Miranda Lambert‘s newest, Automatic.

Watching: Private Practice. I never considered myself a medical drama person but for some reason I’m hooked. I’m also watching The Bachelor (Team Renee alllll the way) and Nashville. Netflix has me re-watching New Girl and a little Glee too. Oh, and the Olympics, of course!

Reading: I just finished Divergent so I suppose Insurgent is next on the list. So far I’m a big fan of the series! I also started getting the Seventeen magazine for free (I now know what a non-requester copy is and I think that’s what’s going on there. #marketinggirl), so I’m skimming those teeny-bopper mags as a guilty pleash (I mean it’s free so why not).

Loving: My new nutri-bullet (banana ice cream, anyone?!), living in the Cteve Hut, variety in my job, the homework-free life, Jillian Michaels kickboxing. I would consider this array of items a full out variety pack (so cheers to that).

Hating: The winter! I’m so over it, people. Today after work, I literally wished I had a shovel rather than my snow scraper to remove the inches of white fluff off of my car. I creeped and crawled home in my little car, hoping to not join other unfortunate cars chillin in the ditch. You should have seen my parking job! Obviously my goal wasn’t even to make it remotely in the lines, and I honestly have no clue if I’m parked on a sidewalk or in the middle of the lot!

Crushing On: Zac Efron (so maybe I am a teeny bopper still…), my rediscovery of Rochelle’s blog (she’s in Kenya now, y’all), Juan Pablo, Facebook stickers, and Hunter boots.

Missing: All the Trolls! I miss my college friends a lot- both as individual friends, and as a whole. I loved being able to hang out with people who were around me all of the time. I miss lunch dates, pre-class hangout times, movie nights, naps in the dorms, cafeteria socializing. . . the list goes on.

Anticipating: My birthday (March 6 in case anybody forgot!). Summer. Weekend trips to visit friends. Weddings. Vacation.

Bedtime: 10pm. Current Time: 9:59. Wow, that was clever of me.

Until next time! Cheers!


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