Re-Living the College Dream Already (AKA Happy Birthday Victoria)


I just allowed myself to take a shameless walk down memory lane–memory lane of college, that is.

I opened up my COLLEGE photo album on my laptop and nearly teared up a few times before finding this gold picture.

Victoria and I planned our school’s 5K last year; this also means we got to drive the golf cart also driven by the college’s president (I’d ask y’all to tally the cool college points for us, but we’re both college grads now so I’m not so sure those cool points would take us too far).

V and I often opted for Panera Bread and Whole Foods when we wanted “real food instead of caf-food,” and we enjoyed *good* coffee together, too.  We spent a really fun semester living together off campus our senior year, and I miss living with this good friend often.

I love Victoria because she’s sweet and caring, determined, disciplined, and level-headed. She’s a loyal friend and a woman with as much inner beauty as outer beauty! I love this classy and kind girl, and I’m thankful that she is a part of my life.

Even though “this sidecar’s parked for the night,” I’m raising a proverbial glass in honor of Victoria. Cheers for a very happy 22nd year, and for many more wonderful years to come!

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