Embracing the Constant: Happy 22nd Kara


I am in a transitional stage of life right now. I’m learning to embrace the role of an employed non-student young adult. I’m missing some college friends and already forgetting what it’s like to have homework (clearly post-college life isn’t all bad). But there’s something so sweet and refreshing about constant things in life… like my friend Kara!

I was born one month, one week, and one day after Kara (read: my birthday is soon, people- take note!). But for real, today is Kara’s birthday and I love that we have literally been friends for our entire lives. I remember Kara coming over after pre-school (I mean it when I say we go way back). Strangely, I remember eating Spaghetti-O’s and watching Pokey Little Puppy at my old house with Kara. I also remember going through junior high and high school with this sweet friend. I remember working at the fair with her as a high school fund raiser, and I remember having good chats with her over Christmas and summer breaks. I love that I got to celebrate with Kara a few years back when her sister got married; I love that Kara got to celebrate with me this past October when my brother got married.

I love that I have pictures like this with Kara:


I must say, we clearly rocked the 90’s. Check our our awesome fashion. Although I do think it’s probably best that we both nixed the bangs!

Here’s to a beautiful and wise, sweet and caring friend. I hope you love being 22!


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