Maybe I should have been a bit more discerning with this blog title. I mean, I trip almost daily so technically most days are a tripiversary in some way, shape, or form for me. But with tripiversary, I was going for one-year-ago-at-this-time-I-was-taking-a-trip-to-Italy.

I started this WordPress blog in order to post while in Italy; [un]fortunately Italian WiFi isn’t the world’s best so I wasn’t able to post as much as I initially wanted to.

I took a lot of pictures, though, so here are a few favorites:


Venice is fabulous. “The City on Stilts” consists of so many bridges as all of the buildings are between water. And the color of the water! I’ve never seen such a rich green-blue.


I consider this picture among my favorites from the trip. Five of us climbed so many stairs to view the city of Florence from up above. What a wonderful sight!


Italy: the one country where your bus can break down in any given town and you can stay there for hours and it’s still beautiful and lovely. Oh, and I was in pretty great company, too, which always improves random down-times.


The Colosseum was larger, and more magnificent, and more special than I’d ever anticipated. Simply amazing!

I am tempted to post several more pictures, but I think you get the idea: I loved Italy…I loved this trip…I loved the people and the places and the sweet memories that all bundle together when I think of Italy.

As the Italians would say, ciao! xoxo


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