Pilot: Sideshow


Happy 2014, everyone! I finallllly committed to a new blog name. My sister Elizabeth suggested Sideshow, and I like it because (unlike This Is My Year), this blog name can last for any amount of time and not just for twelve set months.

Life is kinda like a sideshow. I feel like there’s so many moving parts and any given snapshot of life is a sideshow of something else. With a sideshow, sometimes you plan and sometimes you wing it. And I think that’s just how it should be.

If I’m keeping it real, I’ll admit that I also like Sideshow because it’s going to allow me to write whatever I want keep doing what I’m doing as far as blog content. And while I’m having an honest moment, I’ll also admit that Sideshow is a reference from Nashville, the ABC show I’m really into these days.

With the blog, expect stories, pictures, an occasional recipe, and hopefully other funny or interesting pieces of interest. I’m not planning for much to change in regards to content, but please continue to join me in the journey as we figure out together where Sideshow may go.


Cheers to 2014! Let’s make it good.

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