4 V


I waited foreverrr to write this post because I didn’t want to accept the reality that my time living with Victoria is over!

But my time living with Victoria was very good.

I’ve known Victoria throughout my whole college career. We became closer friends our junior year, especially on our Italy trip. We had a lot of fun together for the remainder of junior year and I’m so glad we got to live together off campus senior year, for our final semester.

Victoria is a great listener. She’s wise and disciplined and levelheaded. She’s a hard worker and she lives by her faith.

The amount of fun Victoria had living together for four months is impressive. Honestly. We had fun traditions, good outings, and some really fantastic spur-of-the-moment wonderful times together. I think we surprised ourselves and each other with our spontaneous fun and funny endeavors. Seriously-last year one of our “crazy nights” was a late night Dunkin Donuts run for decaf iced coffee. Ha! (Actually I love that memory, and that goes to show we can have fun doing most anything together).

I made a Smashbook to use art for processing this semester, and this is one of my favorite pages:



 I love this lifelong friend, and I’m glad to be leaving her with some really stellar roommates of the future 😉 (OK one stellar roommate in particular!)


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