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Hey people! In a few short days (literally), we’re gonna be jumping into 2014! While this fact is obviously obvious, 2014 means something significant for my blog- it needs a new name!

I chose to name my blog This Is My Year! in 2013 to honor and challenge myself to truly enjoy the year. 2012 was…not my year, to say it lightly. And I have to say, 2013 straight up rocked. I’m so glad I recorded so many good times through the blog-my Italy trip in January, taking another vacation in the summer, being a bridesmaid in July and October, and countless other fun items worth writing about.

I feel as if it would be vain to enter into 2014 assuming that another year is my year. Therefore I’m on the hunt for a new blog title. But I need help! I’m open to any and all suggestions. Please leave a comment below with any ideas you might have. And, if you have a request for a $5 prize if your suggestion is selected, I just might honor that! Here are my requirements:

  1. Nothing toooo cheesy. I can sometimes do a little cheese but let’s not get carried away.
  2. Not This Is Not My Year, because that’s a bit too pessimistic 😉
  3. Not Life of a Post-grad or anything to that effect- I am a post-grad but that doesn’t need to be highlighted

Up for the challenge? K Thanks. May the best suggestion win! And may the odds be ever in your favor (I could NOT resist a little Hunger Games reference there)!


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