Variety Pack AKA Campus Community


A specific example explaining why I’m going to miss my college:

I went to our campus Bookstore/Cafe in order to spend my $50 gift certificate (I won it for being the 200th tweet tagged #trollstock13). My friend Steph was working and she helped me pick two items. My total was just under $50 so the ladies at the counter encouraged me to pick one more thing. My choice was Burt’s Bees chap stick because I’m addicted to chap stick but I don’t see it as a problem.

My total now comes to $50.35. I left my wallet in the car and I didn’t have cash on me. My friend Katie walks by.

“Hey KP, could I borrow 35 cents?” I ask

“Sarah I have money in my wallet you can borrow,” Steph replies at the counter.

“You could just bring the change in next time you stop in,” the ladies at the counter offer.

Katie gives me a dollar, “keep the change. it’s yours.”


I then proceed to the cafe section of the joint, with two friend at my side (Shoutout to Garv and Lisa, #phil102c).

We’re upper classmen so we don’t even feel bad about snagging the best spot in the house-by the fireplace and with couches.

We run into our friend Becca (feel free to prounounce her name Bec-Caw, as exemplified in Pitch Perfect). She joins us.

My dear friend Caroline walks in. She sits with us. Boom.

Lauren stops by and begins chatting (we just keep winning).

Coach (AKA Partner AKA Hannah) enters the building and says, “what kind of meeting is this?”


It wasn’t a meeting. Just good friends enjoying campus community. Coach then joined too.

I am thankful.

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