Tour of the Town


I have concluded that I have a love-hate relationship with gen-eds. General Education courses can be bothersome and pesky. I mean, when I consider doing my stats home work I’m usually thinking ain’t nobody got time for that! And then there’s #PHIL102C (yes I just hashtagged my class). In this class, we talk about means and ends and whether a tiger can lose its tigerness. But guess what (spoiler alert): I kind of love #PHIL102C because my classmates are uhh-maze-ing.

I need to admit that our class has flaws (shocker). The main problem of #PHIL102C is that people cannot commit to a dang seat. People be movin across the room weekly. I mean everybody’s got commitment issues here and there but come onnnnn. Pick a spot. Sit there. Every. Class. How hard can it be?

Anyway. At this point at its bare minimum I get to sit by Michael and Lisa (can I say #blessed)?! And usually Michael has practice after class except for the two days he didn’t. Most recently, Michael had a bunch of ideas for what we could do instead of practice. We mashed all his ideas into one and toured the town. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s the equivelant to a 3,000 word description of our fannnnntabulous afternoon: ImageYou will notice a great addition to our core group: Evan! Yep, he’s an added bonus to this dream team. He also had a free afternoon so he joined us in our festivities.

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