Country Music Awards Show 2013


Luke Bryan singing “That’s My Kinda Night” to kick off the evening. He sounds great but his shirt is not #1 on my List Of Favorite Shirts. I liked the Luke Bryan who sang “We Rode In Trucks” but now he’s wearing a sequin shirt. Then Florida Georgia Line joins the stage for a solid beginning of the 2013 CMAs.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood take the stage. They’re singing a few lines together and they sound dang good even when they’re just playing casually. Brad made a joke about twerking. Carrie Underwood says twerking happens at Luke Bryan concerts (haaaaaa) and now C&B are singing about Obamacare. Taylor Swift doesn’t get it. Everybody else seems to be laughing and clapping. We’ve got some Miley Cyrus and Duck Dynasty References and now it’s time for an award.

The Robinson family of Duck Dynasty is giving the Single of the Year award; it goes to FGL, “Cruise.” I personally love Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” but I mean, who doesn’t love Florida Georgia Line… and everybody and their cat loves “Cruise” so cheers to them.

Jason Aldean is singing Night Train in a cowboy hat and jeans—I’m glad he stays true to himself, and this song is clutch.

Kacey Musgraves is singing one of my favorites (don’t judge me-) Follow Your Arrow. She’s doing a great job, and looking good in a yellow dress. Side note- she’s wearing her long brown hair in a side ponytail, and looks somewhat like Jennifer Lawrence AKA Katniss.

Carrie Underwood is looking pretty in pink. Her dress is covered in flowers, which is a nice balance of dainty and interesting.  

Hooray! Lady Antebellum is singing Compass, my current favorite song from them. I’m just gonna say it—Charles is looking good. Yellow pants, a white tshirt and a jean jacket is his outfit of choice and he is rocking it. I loved their performance; my roommate agrees. Fabulous.

Jake Owen and Lucy (from Pretty Little Liars, who is apparently releasing an album soon) announce Song of the Year. The award goes to Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck,” so the writers come up with Lee to receive the award. I was actually surprised about this one, but the writer explained how the song is based on a real story—and that’s pretty neat.

I am mesmerized—Little Big Town is singing (they’re consistently among my favorites). Brad announces, “Little Big Town are going to be the only ones to sing Sober on this stage tonight.” Clever joke, as that’s the song they’re singing and we’re at a country event. They started out acapella and Karen is wearing sparkle pants. This, my friends, is how I define perfection.

Vocal Duo of the Year announced. Florida Georgia Line wins! They are going to clean up tonight. Even though they deserve this award, they honestly had very little competition (Big & Rich are soooo five years ago, and Sugarland isn’t even a band anymore).

Carrie and Brad are looking ridiculous and it’s hilarious. Brad “looks like a referee who’s going to prom.”

Now I’m going to melt, scream or both as Keith Urban sings “We Were Us” with Miranda Lambert. Miranda’s looking really good, by the way, in a black outfit and silver boots.

Taylor Swift, accompanied by a small orchestra, is singing “Red.” The group is sitting in a semi-circle, everyone’s wearing black, and they’re taking a new twist on the song—it’s slow and filled with echoes. I would describe this performance as humble, which is ironically impressive, in my opinion. I kept waiting for Taylor to jump out of her seat and reveal some sort of red dress (that never happened). Besides her below-average hairdo I’m a fan of the performance.

FGL takes the stage to perform “Round Here” and they are sounding good live. I love their lit up background that shines FGL. I have to laugh because one of the guys is wearing a bro tank of sorts and another one has on a scarf. Maybe you can pull off either look in November?

Hunter Hayes joins Jason Mraz on the stage singing together—Hunter looks even younger than I remembered (acca-awkward) but nevertheless a solid performance.

Kacey Musgraves wins New Artist of the Year! I’m satisfied that she won, and I can’t wait to see where Kacey’s career takes her.

I don’t recognize Eric Church without a baseball hat, but they tell me he is singing on the stage. I looooooove Eric Church but this is not my favorite performance of his.

Insert geek out here- The Band Perry is singing “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” and they are sounding good. Kimberly (as always) is looking fantastic, and her bros are rocking out as well. But one of the brothers needs a haircut-badly. I couldn’t tell you which one because his hair is covering his entire face. But, you know, minor details.

Sheryl Crow is announcing the next award, Album of the Year. I love all the nominees-Based On A True Story (Blake Shelton), Blown Away (Carrie Underwood), Red (Taylor Swift), Same Trailer Different Park (Kacey Musgraves), and Tornado (Little Big Town). Blake wins! I’m surprised, but there are some solid songs on that album, so it’s good. Blake said this award means the most to him which is cool.

Mr. Tim McGraw is performing, and rightly so (CMAs without Tim just wouldn’t be right-speaking of ‘not right’- high-waisted pants, Tim? Really?) Anyway Tim is singing Southern Girl, which I really do like.

Blake Shelton is singing, “Mine Would Be You” which honestly isn’t my favorite of all his songs, but hey—it’s Blake and he’s giving a solid performance.

Lennon and Maisy, the two daughters from Nashville, sing part of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” They crush it. Taylor Swift hugs them. A group including Tim McGraw gives a Pinnacle award to Taylor for her positive influence on country music and my appreciation for Miss Swift just increased. Taylor respond with her usual “I’ve never won an award before” excitement.

Carrie Underwood is singing “Good Girl” which becomes “Blown Away” which becomes “Two Black Cadillacs”—basically she’s singing a mash-up, which is the best…a riff off, of sorts (Shout-out to all the Pitch Perfect fans out there).

Vocal Group of the Year goes to Little Big Town! I will always take it personally when LBT wins anything. They have new outfits on, they’re looking fabulous and they have so many people to thank. Sweet!

Brad Paisley introduces Alan Jackson and George Strait who are singing a tribute to George Jones. I’ll be honest and admit that this is not my favorite portion of the show, but I can appreciate a tribute here and there.

Zac Brown Band performed with…someone…and gave an energetic performance, as to be expected. Not my favorite but well done nonetheless.

Now it’s Brad’s turn to take the stage. Jennifer Nettles (you know the name from the former band Sugarland) is introducing an honorary tribute to Kenny Rodgers. The honorary crew includes Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker, and Jennifer herself. Is it the wine, or is this performance putting me to sleep?

Rayna and Deacon from Nashville take the stage! The award is female vocalist of the year; the real competition here is between Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood. Miranda wins! She’s looking really good too. I think she just sassed Kelly Clarkson on stage as she says “really?” But really—why was Kelly nominated for female country vocalist for the year.

Luke Bryan is back on stage, this time singing in memory of his brother and sister. After some quick research I discovered that Luke’s sister passed away in 2007; their brother passed away in 1996. No wonder Luke decided to sing country music.

The Male Vocalist of the Year award is presented by Kelly Clarkson. Jason, Luke, Eric, Blake, and Keith are all nominated—Blake Shelton wins! I love how Blake and Miranda both won. Miranda has tears in her eyes; Blake seems shocked. The dynamic duo each won their respective awards last year as well.

Entertainer of the Year goes to George Strait. Cue the jaw drop, folks. I am shocked, though I think he just wiped a tear from his eye so there’s that. everyone seems genuinely happy for him, which is cool.

WHY ISN’T KEITH URBAN WITH HIS WIFE NICOLE. Sorry for the rant but I don’t know the woman next to him

George accepts his award. I don’t doubt that “this blows me away” as George said it himself. As he gives his thanks, he somehow thought it would be a good idea to name every single person he’s related to. Give up the speech bud.

Darius Rucker is singing “Wagon Wheel.” Isn’t this the same way they finished the CMAs last year?

I’m satisfied with another great Country Music Awards Show. Skipping class to watch it live was a good decision, so cheers to that!

2 thoughts on “Country Music Awards Show 2013

  1. Sarabi never fails to entertain. I’m glad I didn’t even have to sit through the show and could still laugh and nod my head and sigh just by reading this post.

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