Coffee Shop Oatmeal


I’ve been following the famous blog A Beautiful Mess for some time now, and I love it! Emma + Elsie are my cyber-role-models (if that’s a thing). Anyways they shared this Oatmeal recipe in a recent post and I gave it a try. The best news? It turned out. I always keep my expectations low for any instructions I find online (pintastropies, anyone?!).

Here’s my slightly modified recipe for Coffee-Shop Oatmeal

2/3 c [gluen-free] oats
handful of pecans
dash of cinnamon
1 T brown sugar

1/2 apple, sliced

2/3 c [coconut] milk

Mix all dry ingredients together; put half in a cup or bowl, then layer the apples, then put the rest of the oats mixture.

Heat milk over a stove in a small pan, tilting the milk and whisking it so it foams. Pour over the oatmeal and apple, let sit for five minutes, and enjoy with a strong cup of coffee!


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