Celebrating Megan


My very good friend Megan turned 22 last week. I wasn’t able post on her exact birthday, but here are some words in her honor nonetheless:

Megan is one of those inspirational, hardworking, fun-loving friends that came into my life at the exact time I needed her most. I can only hope I came into Megan’s life at the time she needed me most, too. God so carefully brought us together at such a specific and perfect time. I admire Megan because she lives each day with gratitude and intentionality. For two years, Megan and I both regularly attended yoga; I think Megan lives out namaste:



Megan married Ben this summer and standing up in their wedding was such an honor. I also had a blast spending a long weekend with Megan’s family and friends. Iowa hospitality is a real thing (and something I love)! I also got to visit the newlyweds earlier this month which was a real treat.

ImageHere’s to a wonderful 22 year old! Love you Megan!


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