B Happy


I remember meeting my friend Brittany early on freshman year in college, and we’ve been friends ever since. Some of my favorite memories with B include our Chad Michael Murrayathon (it is what it sounds like), the time she came home with me for Easter, a few midnight movie premiers (“I don’t go to midnight premiers often, but when I do, it’s with Brittany”) andddd shopping downtown with Britt just this year!

Brittany and I had a lunch date earlier this week (yay!) and spending time with her was just what I needed.

ImageReaders, embrace your inner artist and enjoy this picture. I’ll admit, the pic had to grow on me but now I love it. I mean, one of Brittany’s eyes is covered and one of mine is closed, but we look so happy and it shows what a good time we had!


Breakfast: $6
Mimosa: $8
Spending Time With Brittany: Priceless

That was predictable so all yall probably saw that coming, but here’s to Brittany, a woman who has truly made my college experience what it is!



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