For Lack of a Longer Tweet


The reason behind this post is literally because it wouldn’t fit in a tweet. I considered doing a Twitter Series #gooddecisionsimadetoday but I would risk losing followers (or at least the respect of my followers). We’re talkin close to ten tweets, people.

GOOD DECISIONS I MADE TODAY (aka #gooddecisionsimadetoday)

  1. Two cups of coffee in the morning (S/O to @Peets_Tweets) #caffeinated
  2. Remembering my gloves for my drive to school #raynaudsprobs
  3. Meeting with two classmates for ten minutes after class #support #goodideas #wemissedben
  4. Not studying very much for my test #multiplechoice
  5. Agreeing to work the switchboards over lunch break #45minutes #shortlivedcareer
  6. Making a Snapchat Story about #SwitchboardLife #amusement
  7. Eating hummus in Rochelle’s room; she’s gonna teach me how to make my own!  @domestic_diva
  8. This iced espresso #awake @starbucks
  9. Logging out of Facebook #breakingahabit



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