A Is Not Equal To Not A


I’ve never been a big fan of philosophy class, but today I simply wasn’t having it. We were talking about economics in light of philosophy. Or was it philosophy in light of economics? I suppose I’m not sure. Anyway, in essence, I’ve never considered myself an economist but serrrrrriously we can only talk about the desire of any given good for so long.

Lisa was sitting on my left, she wrote me a note, “I could use some morphine right now.”

Michael was sitting on my right, he wrote me a note, “Class is half way done!”

Class was only half way done-that meant 40 minutes remained. I realized I forgot to run another on-campus errand, so I got up, mid-class, and took a nice stroll around campus where I ran my errands, returned to class and quietly sat down.

I raised my hand, gave a simple lecture to the class about supply and demand, and then it was just about time to peace out for the day.

What we have here is a prime case of senioritis.

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