Twenty-Six About Dan


My brother turned 26 yesterday! Clearly Dan is my favorite brother (he’s my only brother but even if I had more he would still be the best). Dan is good to me, and I’ve learned so much from him and had so many fun times with him.

26 years old,
26 letters in the alphabet,
26 memories/ thinks that make you great/ etc:

Arizona- #SBINAZ anyone?! Love all the times we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and for Spring Training

Brewers games, lots of them. Good times cheerin on the crew!

Country Thunder, several years in a row. It was an era and a good one at that

Driver, and a good one. Dan always volunteers to drive which is supanice

Endless games of Monopoly, usually with the cousins- this is a fast moving game!

Family- you know what they say, blood runs thicker than water

GM- as in Doug Melvin- Jokes on jokes.

HOME FREE NOW, because quoting Sahara is what we do

Ice cream, specifically from Gus’s (I always feel cool when we go there and everyone knows you!)

Job, this summer and beyond. Can’t wait for what’s in store!

Kids, since we grew up together and did all the fun stuff kids do together!

Liz & you & I playing “church temple” -remember that classic? We were creative kids

Management, the business major we share. Dan gave me lots of advice about college

North Carolina, as in our family road trip… funny memories there!

Oberweis Chocolate Milk, because you bought it for me once when I was having a really bad day

Peace Be With Youuuuuuu, the phrase we’d always say after the Starbucks Barista told us that in the drive through

Q-Tips, because I’m pretty sure you and I both use them daily. Ha!

Recitals, from piano to choir to corny plays, you always supported me (thanks!)

Starbucks, frappuccinos specifically. We’ve gone out for coffee several times

THE GREAT RACE, because you bought this movie twice since we lost the family classic the first time

Up North, and all the sweet memories spent in the northern woods with family and friends

Very long roadtrips to fun destinations like Yellowstone or Washington, DC (want to play the initial game?)

Whale watching in Maine, even though I got sea sick and we hardly saw a whale I’ll never forget it

XOXO (this is a stretch) because you and Melissa are getting married in a few weeks!! YAY!!

Yahtzee, and the time that always comes to mind is when “the twos were reallllllly hot” only to realize the dice at Caribou had two 1’s, two 2’s and two 3’s. Ha!

Zoo, especially the time we went with mom, auntie and Zak in the winter–I love that memory!

It’s actually incredible how quickly A-Z things with and about you came to mind. Happy birthday, my brother, and I hope that 26 is a great year for you! Love you.


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