I Should Be Sleeping


So this is how my night went:

11pm: I was really tired when I came home to my apartment last night (around 10:45). Assuming I was the last roommate home, I locked the deadbolt and put the chain on our door. Approximately 90 second later, I fell fast asleep.

Midnight: I wake up to the sound of music. My thought process: is it 6am? Do I need to get up now? Wait, this is my ringtone song, not my alarm song.

12:02: Answer phone, “hello?” Victoria’s on the phone. She just got out of work and was locked out! I stumble out of bed and open the door.

Me: (According to what Victoria told me this morning) Hi! Sorry! You look pretty! How are you doing?

Victoria: How about you go to bed and we’ll talk tomorrow.


Nothing like mid-sleep confusion to keep things interesting.


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