Happy Birthday Allison


Caution: Sentimental Post, coming right up.

Today is Allison’s birthday. Allison, my Junior Year Roommate, fellow sports-watcher (and TV watcher), my jammin-buddy and the girl who has dealt with me throughout some unique times.

I can be really goofy with Allison around, and she takes me for who I am. (Dogs! Cats!) Basically, I can make up ridiculous games and/or dance moves and she just goes with it while most people would probably run. This post could go on for DAYZ but to spare you all I will break it down:

Allison and I became friends freshman year. We were actually roommates before college at orientatin (it’s fate!) but Allison doesn’t remember me. Our freindship really took off in History class when we sat together, studied together, and (you guessed it!) goofed off together. In the front row even!



Enter sophomore year. My friendship group shifted big time and my friendship with Allison escalated. Yay! Allison and I, joined by Megan and Danielle made up the Fab Four. We were all meat eaters and ice cream eaters too, so there’s that.


Junior Year. #serioustweet what do I say about beloved Junior Year. Allison and I sort of had to tackle College Round Three as a dynamic duo. Outings in the park. Gilmore Girls. Italy. Pillow Talk. Getting Enough Sleep. That One Week We Didn’t Get Enough Sleep But It Was Awesome. Bible Study. Floor Events. Dogs. Cats. Tour Of Crestwood. Tib Camping. Hotel Downtown. Bonfires. Cheeeeeers. Bridal Shower. Formal. Roadtrips. Megan & Ben’s Wedding.



Allison and I are now seniors-old, mature, responsible adults. Actually basically none of those qualities are true. The good news is, our friendship remains and I’m so excited for future times spent with this fab chick. Allison she has blessed my life more than I can say!


The Lord Has Promised Good To Me through you, Allison! xoxo

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