Every Good Thing


August has been every bit as exciting as it has been exhausting for me. Between the Cteve Hut*, our cabin in northern Wisconsin and my parent’s house, I haven’t stayed in one place for more than two nights in a row all month. Tomorrow I will sleep in Home #4 for me, as I move into my off campus housing where I’ll live for the next semester. I am approaching my final semester of college and as I do, a chapter is ending. My parents are becoming empty-nesters as I face an intimidating semester. Between now and graduation I’ll be working a lot (especially until homecoming!), I’ll take nineteen credits,  I will attend two weddings (one being my brother’s!), I will meet and mentor a group of students transferring into my college, and I will become a college commuter.

Being busy sometimes makes me feel anxious, but I keep reminding myself that I want to do everything I’m doing. All the things I’m getting myself into are good things, so I need to thankfully approach these next four months as a welcome challenge.

Here’s to a busy, but good, semester!

*The Cteve Hut (pronounced Steve Hut) is a new apartment that my sister and I will live in together. We moved in on August 1 and my sister is staying there indefinitely; I’ll re-move in there after I graduate in December. The link to our blog is http://ctevehut.wordpress.com/


One thought on “Every Good Thing

  1. Sarah, I couldn’t agree more! That is the exact reminder that I used senior year at Trin, too. Despite the busyness, always remember that you enjoy what you’re doing — it helps tremendously.
    You’ll do great, Sarah! As always 🙂

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