Ten Years


I remember feelin like a big kid back in 2003 when I was old enough to go to YTM, my church’s summer young teen ministry for 7th-10th graders. My class, along with the grade above my own, faithfully supplied this ministry with lots of [energetic] kids.

When I was going into 10th grade, the YTM grade acceptance expanded through 12th grade. Add another two years to my attendance of the program.

When I was going to be a freshman in college, I was asked to sing in the praise team for YTM. I’ve been on the leadership side of the program ever since.

Folks, add it all up and we’ve reached the ten year mark. Eleven for Jilli and Abigail! Joe missed out on a few years in the middle but we decided he’s at least at eight, and Kara at seven.


We fully missed Annie, Andrew, Katie, Kristina, and Jake this year! Apparently all yall maxed out before the double digits.


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