The Bachelorette


Everyone who’s thinking I’m taking about Des…I’m not. I’m talking about a much-more-amazing and no-longer-a bachelorette: Megan!

I’m so glad I was able to arrive in Iowa early enough to celebrate with Megan and other friends for her bachelorette party. Megan’s MOH Marisa did a fantastic job planning the party and everyone had a great time. Even quirky games and hilarious entertainment aside, catching up with all the girls was really special.

ImageMegan’s hometown is a little corner of heaven. I love the small town hospitality, friendly people and the bright moon shining at night. Within this small corner of heaven is a little hangout place where we ate dinner for the party. I. Was. In. Love! (note to self: dream job would be to own a place just like this…to get people to come, maybe Ben would sing there! *hint hint*).

A good time was had by all; the party set a great tone for the wonderful weekend ahead!


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