Wedding Weekend: Prologue


I’m turning myself in on account of two selfies.

Have you all heard of “Hello Giggles”? If you have, you may have read the open letters section. Talk about funny stuff, people (for the record, my favorite open letters include: To Voicemail Messages, to Braces, and to Selfies). Anyway the Open Letter ot selfies convicted me to limit those personal portraits; at its least the article made me thin before I post. This morning, for example, I as I was waiting at my gate for both of my flights (of course it was $50 cheaper to have a connecting flight) I felt the need to “document the occasion.” I considered taking a picture of the hipster coffee stand at the first airport, but I got to thinking about the whole IF ANYONE ACTS IN AN UNUSUAL OR SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR thing, and with this being my first flight alone I thought of the words spoken by Fat Amy herself, “mm, better not.”

At that point I came to another thought-if I want to document my first solo flight experience, I have two choices:

  1. Take a picture out the window, or
  2. Selfie. My thought process:

If I take a picture out the window, the guy sitting in front of me is bound to assume I’m taking a picture of him; hence the whole “unusual/suspicious” thing.

I opted for the selfie:


Is it considered a second offense if I took another selfie at the next airport? Would it be wasteful if I spent $4 on a single honey Greek yogurt? Is it “double and drost” (as the Dutch say) that I bought an iced coffee, a magazine, and a pen at the airport? Wow, now I’m beginning to feel bad.


The good news is, I’m in a good mood that can’t be shaken. I told myself, “I’ll be happy as soon as I am seated in that second plane.” And here I am, writing away here at 12B all buckled in and making good use of my new pen. And now…off to check out my latest magazine…


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