Steph Is 21


My dear friend and lifesaving fellow woman in business turned 21 today! Steph was in my First Year Forum group freshman year of college, so she was among the first students I knew well at school. I remember FYF with Steph, as well as freshman year English class. Since then, we’ve had several classes together, given many presentations together, worked on assignments, had library meetings, and helped each other study [let’s be honest, mostly she helped me study].

Steph and I have attended two Business As Missions conferences together which has been a really special way for us to incorporate our faith with our majors. I love seeing Steph when she is at chapel, and I am blessed by the music she plays on the piano.

Steph is marked by kindness, thoughtfulness, and a very hard working ethic. I appreciate Steph’s helpfulness, understanding, and willingness to have fun!

Steph: Some of my favorite memories with you include our Murder Mystery night, Steak N’ Shake at 2am, and when you took me to Lume’s for my birthday sophomore year.

I miss you! Happy birthday, dear friend.



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