On A Mission


My brother Dan is a leader at our church youth group, and this week he is spending time with several high schoolers on a mission trip. As I was talking to him in the past few weeks, I was surprised by how much I remember from similar week-long trips when I was in high school.


I’m happy to report that four years after this picture was taken…
(from left to right)
AL is still one of the best people I know | I am thoroughly enjoying 2013 | ELIZABETH is a high school graduate | BEV-well, I’m not sure how our resident is doing, but I sure hope she likes her 4-year-old deck | CALLIE is a troll 🙂 | STEPHEN is married!

Wow, lots can happen in a few short years. Even though I’m not sure how the lady we helped is doing, I know that our group was blessed richly by the trip and I hope she remembers our week of service fondly.

My hope and prayer is that our youth group receives blessings as they bless others.

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