Mr. & Mrs. For A Year


I grew up in a very close extended family where ten cousins were born within ten years. I was the youngest, and Kasey was the second-to-youngest cousin.



Fast forward a few years and Kasey became one of my closest and most valued friends. From co-leading a Bible School class (who’s the Crab of the Day today?!) to going to Country Thunder to laying out Up North, I treasure countless memories with Kase.

ImageNot long after Kasey went away to college, she met Matt. I remember meeting Matt in a gym after one of Kasey’s volleyball games and thinking “hmm, this guy seems nice- I wouldn’t mind sitting by him” (this is a big deal because somehow whenever we sat anywhere the order would *always* be: my sister – Kasey – Kasey’s boyfriend – me).

Kasey called me when she got engaged, and I’ll never forget the excited feeling I had over the phone on a sunny afternoon. A few months later, Kasey asked me to be a bridesmaid in the wedding! I was so honored to stand up for Kasey and Matt.

ImageJune 30, 2012 was a very special day. I remember it was really hot, and the Pastor talked about how Kasey and Matt are forever “fishing buddies.” I remember Kasey’s dance with her Dad, and becoming friends with the wedding party and Matt’s family. I remember the satisfaction of good looking yarn balls hung in the tent, and lighting sparklers as Matt and Kasey left the reception.

Happy first anniversary, Kasey and Matt. Here’s to many more!


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