Blog Party: 200 Likes!


Today I’m celebrating a notification I received this morning right after posting my birthday tribute post to my friend Lindsay. This Is My Year has now officially reached 200 likes!


I didn’t know what direction I was headed when I began This Is My Year in January; I just knew I needed a new blog to track my experiences in Italy and for the other exciting things that would take place in 2013. Since then, I’ve received a lot of support from my blog readers. Thank YOU, readers, for checking out my artwork, pictures, reviews, stories, and videos. I’m having a great time with this blog and I hope the same for my faithful readers!

I’d love to throw a dance party in celebration of this achievement; due to my current hairstyle and the location of my friends, I think I’ll settle for celebrating Starbucks style.

I give you permission to do the same (show me your #sipface). (I promise Starbucks didn’t pay me to give them a plug). (But can you tell I’m a marketing major)?!


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