Why Do They Race?


My dad has asked me a lot of typical dad questions throughout life… usually these questions are car-related or having to do with the Brewers or my business classes or maybe even the CRC denomination if the day is right. There’s one question, though, that I’m pretty sure only my dad asks. He says,

Q: Why do they [Klements Sausages] race?

Believe it or not, there is a correct answer to this question:


Needless to say, I was more than excited to “meet” the Chorizo on Tuesday night when my brother took me to the Brewers game (BTW I loved going to Miller Park with the Best Bro around- thanks Dan!!)

ImageNote Dan’s photography skills: the other sausages are on the right corner of the picture.

Of course I bet on the Chorizo for Tuesday’s sausage race. Lucky for me I didn’t put any cash down (regardless of the fact that I have a bad track record of bets!) as I do believe the Chorizo finished last.

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