Floorcast: June 2: Lisa Turns 21


My very good friend Lisa turned 21 today! I so wish I could celebrate with her “in the flesh and on the day” but since I can’t, I am thinking of her, giving thanks for our friendship, and eagerly awaiting the next time I will see her!

ImageOne thing I loved about this past year was our giant dinner groups, and they almost always consisted of many good friends including Lisa…I love Lisa’s warm and welcoming heart, making everyone feel important and heard.


Planning and executing Trunk Or Treat was a high for sure. I loved going to the sketch dollar store with Lisa, getting decorations, and coming up with ridiculous costumes. The kids thought I was the Grinch. Probably cooler than what I actually was (a green crayon-if you couldn’t tell- which you probably couldn’t tell).


Lisa is a classy girl and I love that she appreciates the fine things of life!


Lisa is exceptional with rolling with the punches, like the time we went to WalMart and our plan flopped, but we still had a good time being together.

ImageLisa was a part of Juice Pouch night, which was clearly a great time with even better company.

ImageLaGrange night is my most recent favorite memory with Lisa, and it still makes my heart happy to think about the good time we had together there.


Lisa. You are selfless and sweet,

fun and smart,

caring and thoughtful and inspiring.


I am so thankful for you!



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