Thinking About Life After College


Here’s a confession (because that’s what bloggers do, you know- make confessions online…or something): I was worried that after college I’d run out of things to blog about. I figure that I see so many people and do so much random stuff in school that I currently have many more things to write about than when I join the workforce and develop more of a “normal” routine. Now I’m thinking my original presumption isn’t true at all, due the the following incident:


I stopped at a gas station on Tuesday morning to pick up yogurt to eat as my lunch. The particular station had a large grocery section including canned vegetables,  fresh fruit, a deli section, meat, juice, baking supplies…every variety of cheese and beer (welcome to Wisconsin!)…basically this gas station had every kind of food except yogurt. What the heck! After roaming the entire store for a good five minutes, I asked the (good-looking, hipster) worker if they had yogurt. He said no. I then proceeded to buy a cappuccino and a banana (I wandered the store for too long to leave empty handed!). The total came to $1.52 and he told me he had the two cents. He pushed a button on his iPhone and “Beautiful Soul” played as he handed me my receipt and I walked out the door.


Welcome to my exciting life.


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