Happy Birthday Brittany!


My good friend Brittany turned 21 today, and even though we are many miles apart, I’m giving thanks for her and for our friendship today. I remember meeting Brittany my freshman year of college and thinking about how classy she was. Brittany’s an intentional friend, too-I remember a few weeks after meeting her she told me she wanted to become good friends with me…so we ate breakfast together in the caf often. Then she’d invite me over for nail painting parties and by sophomore year we became roommates. I loved going to Blue Man Group with Brittany (even though the head usher was a total creep). I loved good chats and midnight movie premiers (fun fact-I’ve only been to midnight movies with Brittany). I loved taking Brittany up north with me for Easter one year, and watching Packer games with her and stopping in her dorm room a few late nights this past year.


I think you’re great, Brittany, and you know I’m among your biggest fans. You’re gonna do great things and I hope to stay in touch with you for a very long time!


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