Remembering Junior Year


Highlights from each month:

AUGUST: FYF! I had such a fun group this year that I loved seeing all year.

SEPTEMBER: Soccer games & a trip home for the fair.

OCTOBER: Homecoming, baby! What a huge event to be a part of.

NOVEMBER: The Festival of Lights parade was one of my favorite nights all semester.

DECEMBER: Roommate Christmas! Loved being with those important girls.

JANUARY: Italy, of course! Venice…Florence…Rome…Good sites, great group.

FEBRUARY: Valentine’s Party, including making plans for it with Victoria

MARCH: Celebrating my birthday after I recovered from the flu

APRIL: A variety of events including Tib Camping, Andy’s birthday, and the Golden Trolls.

MAY: Final ‘picnic’ with Alllison, and spending a lot of time with other good friends too!


Junior year…it’s been real!


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